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Monday, August 07, 2006

Please don't boo A-Rod

Hispanics Across America, a non-profit advocacy group, is asking New York baseball fans to take it easy on Alex Rodriguez. Its founder Fernando Mateo wants fans to realize that Rodriguez is under a lot of pressure to perform since signing with the Yankees, so please don't boo him.

"The season is not over and instead of booing Alex, we should be supporting him," Mateo told the New York Daily News.
"When a player is being paid a huge sum of money to perform, the bar is raised. But booing him is the best way to hurt his performance, a performance that has been under-recognized by the press and, sadly, the fans."

He's not joking.

An advocacy group is asking New York fans not to boo a player. Do you realize the odds that will ever happen? Booing is to New York fans as lack of talent is to Britney Spears. They go together better than hot dogs, apple pies and Chevrolets. In fact that was the original jingle for Chevys. "New York, booing, apple pies and Chevrolets..."

Does this guy actually think that A-Rod is upset over the booing? The guy makes $25 mil a season, is happily married and lives like a king. Why would he possibly care what some goombah from Brooklyn or putz from the Bronx thinks? I think A-Rod is sleeping safe and sound at night.


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