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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saint Reggie signs

So I was just wondering how the folks at Yahoo.com feel after Reggie Bush signed with the Saints after his lengthy TWO-DAY holdout. You may remember it was a Yahoo.com report which suggested Bush would sit out the entire season.

Of course, now in the Information Age, we make knee-jerk reactions to everything. So Bush was ripped by other Web sites for "possibly'' sitting out while New Orleans tries to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

Please. Reggie Bush wasn't sitting anything out. If he was, why was investing time and dollars in different rebuilding projects in New Orleans. Why was he buying a condo in New Orleans.

This "Bush is going to sit out'' mentality reminds me of the same goofballs who were saying Bush should go to the New York Jets because of endorsements instead of the small market Saints. Well, Bush went to the Saints and HE IS STILL GETTING ENDORSEMENTS.

Kudos to Bush, his agent and as much as it pains me to say this, Saints management, for getting the job done.


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