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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl calls

The Super Bowl officials did a good job, but they revealed one thing: the NFL needs to rethink some of its rules.

Matt Hasselback's fumble/no fumble ruling came out right in the end, but what are we doing with the rulebook when it takes a CPA to interpret it? That and Palamalu's interception/no interception in the Indianapolis game -- along with the tuck rule fumble/no fumble from a few years ago -- show that we aren't playing football any more. We're playing Technical Ball.

When did football stop being football? Get rid of rules about forward motion, down by contact and in the grasp. If you drop the ball, it should be a fumble. If you hit the ground, you're stopped.

It shouldn't matter if somebody touched you or if the square root of your ground speed at the time your left pinky touched the ground was inversely proportional to the circumference of the football.

How about some real football again?


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