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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nantz must go

Scuuuuuuse me while I blog this out.

I love college basketball, and there is nothing like March Madness and the Final Four, but if I could do anything for mankind, it would be to remove Jim Nantz from any telecast of basketball. Or football for that matter.

Why? He's horrible. I get my share of hate e-mail, so I'll take this opportunity to dish out some unlove to the Nantzter. This is the guy who brought us "It's Hoosiers All Over Again!!!," "Just when you think you can't...UConn!" and the annual, "I really believe Fred Couples has a great chance to win the Masters this year."

I have a simple question. When Dick Enberg, Verne Lundquist and other Greats of play-by-play are available, why is CBS torturing us with this guy? Billy Packer is bad enough, but Nantz is the worst.

He should be taken off the air until he can get in eight hours of sleep without talking aloud about Couples between snores. Banish him to Chunky Soup commercials.

Help us, CBS!


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