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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Soccer hooligans

I've been covering high school soccer games for the last two seasons and it stuns me that some players are able to talk and argue with referees over calls/non-calls like they do - without their coaches or parents saying a word.

Why is it soccer players get away with more backtalk to officials then any other sport?
I couldn't even imagine arguing a call when I played sports growing up without having to deal with an angry coach grabbing my jersey/facemask and bench me, and then have my fuming parents waiting for me after the game.

In my journalism career, I've never seen other high school athletes backtalk referees the way soccer players do. Is it part of the sport, is it a sense of entitlement among kids these days, or what?

I've seen one parent in that time chastise his son for his actions on the field, but aside from that - nobody has said a word.


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