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Thursday, February 28, 2008

SRSA aids Magnet soccer title

Overlooked in last week's state soccer championship by Caddo Magnet was the work of the Shreveport Regional Sports Authority and Mary Ann Tice.

When the SRSA announced last spring that it had won the tournament for Shreveport, it received just a blip on the radar screen in the local media. But by hosting the event in Independence Stadium, Caddo Magnet didn't have to travel to win their state title. They were well-rested in their own beds, which must have given them an advantage over their opponents.

There were also a lot more Magnet supporters in the stands due to the short drive.
Additionally, the team received more extensive media coverage from playing within an easy drive of all the local media outlets.

The Mustangs may have won the state title, even if it had been played in Baton Rouge, New Orleans or Lafayette. But kudos should be given to the SRSA for letting them play in their own backyard.


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