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Thursday, December 06, 2007

I-Bowl talk

Just back from the AT&T Team Announcement Party for the PetroSun Independence Bowl.

While the bowl matchup between Alabama and Colorado is getting knocked pretty good nationally -- one Web site has the game ranked 30th out of 32 bowl games -- the turnout tonight appeared as large if not larger than in recent years.

You've got to give credit to Alabama's Nick Saban and Colorado's Dan Hawkins for showing up.

And both coaches showed some personality as well.

Saban told a story about being in Baton Rouge as the LSU coach and going to get gas after losing to UAB. He went in to pay and the attendant saw a Big Ten championship ring Saban wore from his days at Ohio State.

The attendant asked about the ring and Saban told him it was a Big Ten championship ring and that he would get an SEC championship ring at LSU.

"Not if Nick Saban's the coach,'' the attendant said.

The joke brought a roar from those in attendance.

Hawkins, whose son Cody plays quarterback for CU, talked about his team and then added, "The quarterback's mom is very good looking.''

All in all, a pretty good night for the I-Bowl.


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