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Monday, December 03, 2007

The "Colt Brennan" award

The WAC made itself the brunt of some jokes on Monday by creating a "Colt Brennan" award for offense.

It seems the quarterback with the shady background had enough pull with the WAC office to get a new award installed this season. The Offensive Unit of the Year was put in to recognize Brennan and his four wide receivers who annoy the rest of the country by taunting people after catches.

The Hawaii Warriors are probably the most classless team in the country, a product of the coaching leadership at the school. They were lucky, not good, to end up 12-0 on the season, but they'll get their due against Georgia.

WAC commissioner Karl Benson had better expect to continue offering the same award next season to perhaps the league's best running back and his offensive linemen who made it happen.

If this was a one-time deal to appease Brennan, then the WAC will have egg on its face.


Blogger Kori-Ann said...

it's about time UH is in a Bowl game and I couldn't be prouder of them!

1:50 PM  
Blogger Makiko said...

I agree with Kori!
UH is awesome!Aloha

2:19 PM  
Blogger Travis T said...

Man, you got it all wrong. This award just shows how much class Colt has. Colt approached Benson to ask if there was a way his receivers could be commended since he gives all the credit to them. Originally, the award was only supposed to go to Colt. But like the team player he is, he wanted to share it with his receivers.

8:12 PM  
Blogger William said...

If you call going 12-0 lucky then you need to take some basic math again. Patriots are 12-0 and barely won its last three games. I'll admit that luck is an essential part of the game, let's say a kicker misses a kick because a gust of wind came by and threw the kick off. Louisiana Tech game 45-44 was our first game abroad, Hawaii traveled a distance to get there and it was the first game, so that may have an effect on there performance. Fresno State game 37-30, C Brennan was knock out of the game early in the third. Nevada game C Brennan was playin. Washington I'll admit was a tougher game, but they did beat Cal who did beat Oregon (with Dennis Dixon) who beat a sh_t load of teams. Hawaii taunting and classless check out this link where Georgia entire team ran in the field taunting Florida players. Now that is lowly, classless and pathethic.
Get your facts straight and support it if you going to trash talk an entire team Jimmy Boy

8:11 AM  

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