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Monday, December 03, 2007

Tigers belong in title game

Even though I strongly favor a playoff system, I really can’t complain about the BCS Championship Game.

The LSU Tigers BELONG in the national championship game.

A better case could probably be made for Oklahoma than Ohio State, since the Sooners decisively won the Big 12 title. But what team could make a better case to be in the national championship game than LSU?

Not one.

No team deserves to be in the championship game more than LSU. As the best team in the nation’s best conference, LSU earned the right to compete for the national championship.

Name a one-loss (or undefeated) team out there that had to play the likes of South Carolina, Florida, Auburn and Tennessee – not to mention a non-conference power like Virginia Tech.

You can’t.

But you CAN look forward to seeing at least one truly deserving team in the BCS title game this time around.


Blogger Jimmy Watson said...

You must be stokin' on some good stuff down there, my man. The SEC was horrible this season. LSU should have lost several other games besides the two they lost to the weak sisters of the poor. Name the top out-of-conference wins by the SEC. You got LSU over Virgina Tech, but that was at home. What else? You can't judge anything by them playing each other because they could all be terrible.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Larry Wade said...

Even in a “weak” year, the SEC has more teams in the AP Top 25 (6) than any conference in the country. Imagine how the SEC would dominate the polls in a “strong” year.

As the best team in the best conference, LSU BELONGS in the title game. No team deserves to be there more than the Tigers.

As for their non-conference schedule, it’s pretty hard to find competition equal to that in the SEC. Where can the Tigers find non-conference opponents as tough as the ones in the SEC?

Not on this planet.

Even so, the Tigers punished nationally ranked Virginia Tech. And they’re going to DESTROY Ohio State, which hasn’t forgotten the 41-14 beating it took from another SEC team (Florida) in the title game last season.

8:16 AM  

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