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Sunday, October 07, 2007

More Miles to Michigan talk

Our Gannett brethren, the Detroit Free Press, offered readers a live chat with columnist Drew Sharp on Saturday and, inevitably, one of the questions on LSU fans' minds came forth.

Here's the transcript from the Free Press Web site:

Ray, Toledo: Honestly, what do you think the chances are of Michigan getting Les Miles AND if they do are they just getting another Bo prodigy similar to what we already have?

Drew Sharp (3:15 p.m.): Ray -- It would be a step down for Miles to leave LSU for Michigan. Quite honestly, the only reason why I think he might consider it would be to stick it to Lloyd because there are apparently some issues between the two. I don't see him being the heir apparent.
Sharp gets a lot of heat from readers for being "negative," but it's because he's doing his job and being honest and fair. He may draw some ire on this one, but he's right. Michigan may be Miles' alma mater, but his situation at LSU is fantastic. Why leave?

Let's face it. If he goes to Michigan, he's got to update the team into one more conducive for modern college football (i.e. recruiting speedy, athletic players), and that will be a stiff challenge, even at Michigan.

He's got everything he could possibly want in Baton Rouge. Michigan is notorious for its tight purse strings and probably wouldn't shell out the money to draw Miles north.


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