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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jimmy's right

Just a week ago this Saturday, Times sports writer Jimmy Watson blogged on college football with a take titled "Moron voters are signs of the times.''

His blog included this gem: "The ONLY reason OU isn't No. 1 in the country right now is because they began the season ranked so low, another sign that preseason polls are done by idiots. The fact that they aren't flip flopping at No. 1 right now with the Trojans and the Tigers is a sign that morons are voting.''

Normally, I wouldn't respond to another writer's blog. But then normally words like "idiot'' and "moron'' aren't tossed around in our blogs either.

Those voters called "idiots'' moved Oklahoma ahead of Florida last week. That would be the same Oklahoma team which team lost at Colorado today. And, of course, the same Florida team that lost to Auburn on Saturday night.

The point of this isn't to slam Jimmy or any other writers.

The point is this: Voting in polls is an inexact science. I've done it in both football and basketball polls. You have to follow more than 100 schools in football and 300 in basketball. It's a hard job that gets even harder now as sports writers across the country are asked to do more than ever these days at their jobs.

The science is even more inexact until about halfway through the season when there is a body of work. Until there is some agreement to move the polls back, there will always be teams that are overrated and underrated. No matter who is doing the voting.


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