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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When Barmore Gundiazed me ...

You haven't been sports reporting very long or very well if your writing hasn't been called into question by a coach or fan.

The Oklahoman columnist Jenni Carlson got hers last weekend in an idiotic tirade by Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy. Carlson's character was called into question after she publicly questioned the character of OSU quarterback Bobby Reid.

I received a similar public reprisal several years ago by former Lady Techsters coach Leon Barmore, who didn't like a quote (of his) that I used in a story about the weak teams brought in for the Techsters annual Dial Classic. Three reporters heard the quote, but I was the only one who used it in a story.

Barmore made his point, then, unlike Gundy, who walked out after his tirade, continued answering questions from the media. There were no television cameras, Internet or YouTube at the time to make our little set-to a national event

Since his retirement, the fiery Barmore has mellowed considerably and he and I have had lunch together several times. Neither of us is any worse for the wear. Maybe Carlson and Gundy will one day get to that point.


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