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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Give McFadden The Trophy

Darren McFadden should win the Heisman Trophy! Arkansas sent The Times staff a notepad with his photo and the Web site www.5DarrenMcFadden.com emblzaoned on the front. That should be enough to send him to the top.

Sure, he's playing on a team that will have at least three losses after the piggies get pummeled by LSU in the regular season finale, but who cares. He's the best player on a losing team in the country. Forget about the quality players at USC, OkLahoma, LSU, Florida and West Virginia. Those teams are undefeated because they have a great "team," not because they have a player worthy of the Heisman.

McFadden is rolling up big numbers in critical losses. But forget about that. He's got the hype, and that's what winning the trophy is all about.


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