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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vick's shining moment

Don't you know mama Vick is proud of her two sons.

Mighty Michael gets indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday and faces possible jail time for allegedly holding death matches with pit bulls. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback is reported to have participated in killing eight dogs.

Young Marcus earlier pulled a gun on some teenagers in a McDonald's parking lot (it seems that's getting to be a dangerous place to be). The younger Vick was also kicked off the Virginia Tech football team for cumulative trangressions, including stomping on a player in the Gator Bowl.

These two guys had the world by the tail, but they've thrown it all away. You certainly can't put the blame for their actions on their mother, since they made their decisions to act like idiots as adults. Maybe mama should have allowed her boys to grow up to be cowboys.

But then they've already done enough horsing around to last a lifetime.


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