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Monday, July 16, 2007

Saints odds

All right Saints fans, BetUS.com has set its odds on the Saints winning the Super Bowl and a variety of other bets.

Here is what you're looking at,with some commentary from yours truly:

Saints win the Super Bowl - 14/1 (That sounds about right)

Reggie Bush league MVP - 40/1 (A little high on the odds because Bush will alway get publicity)

Bush records over 1,000 yards rushing - 3/1 (Should be capable of doing that)

Bush breaks RB single season RB TD record - 500/1 (Long shot to do it)

Saints go undefeated at home - 50/1 (Maybe a tad bit hight but parity rules)

Saints move to San Antonio - 25/1 (Odds need to be higher, LA not SA would be likely place to land)

Sean Payton gets fired as head coach - 50/1 (Needs to be higher, Payton has earned good will with last year)

A NO player gets arrested - 1/2 (C'mon, it's the NFL, of course players get arrested)


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