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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What happened to that SEC superiority? Oops.

Michigan 4, Vanderbilt 3.

The Wolverines, you know that school from up north where they only play baseball during the five weeks there isn't snow on the ground, took 2 of 3 from the No. 1 team in the nation - on Vandy's home field. Michigan's headed to the Super Regional after Monday's 4-3 win.

Michigan plays in the Big Ten by the way. You SEC fans remember the Big Ten, right? The conference everyone south of Ohio and east of the Mississippi River said was overrated athletically.

Even a Midwesterner like myself is stunned at Michigan's win. I knew the Wolverines had a good team, but they didn't even win the Big Ten tournament. Ouch, bet that hurts too, knowing the Wolverines couldn't beat Penn State (which got swept by Oral Roberts and lost 1 of 2 to Centenary!) in the Big Ten tourney, yet beat Vanderbilt, the SEC's best.

Just a few weeks ago, The Times (more specifically, yours truly) did a story on how this appeared to be the SEC's Golden Era. Florida had national titles in football and basketball and the Commodores were riding high in baseball. Michigan brought the biggest needle to the NCAA Regional and popped that balloon.

Even a previous blog of mine lamented, but gave props to the SEC for their athletic dominance. I should have shown more faith in the Big Ten and my alma mater.

I'm not much of a college baseball fan, but even I have to relish the fact that a Big Ten school just ended the season of the SEC's best club.


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