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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ageless wonders

A group of athletes creeping up on their mid-life crisis are redefining what professional athletes can do.

Barry Bonds, age 42, is closing in on Hank Aaron's home run record.

Roger Clemens, age 44, is back with the Yankees.

Chris Chelios, age 45, just signed a one-year deal with the Red Wings.

Dominik Hasek, age 42, will likely return to the Red Wings for another season.

I'm in my mid-30s, and I have problems getting out of bed in the morning. Strike that. I have problems rolling out of bed in the morning.

This group is an unbelievable group of athletes and leaves you awe at what they can accomplish in their athletic venues. If you had a chance to see the Red Wings play this season, Chelios was doing stuff on the ice few 25-year-old hockey players can do. Here's the kicker: He'll turn 46 midway through next season.

Bonds is undoubtedly the best power hitter who ever lived. Clemens may be the the best pitcher who ever lived. Chelios is the best American-born defenseman to ever play the game. Hasek will probably go down as one of the best goalies ever.


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