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Friday, April 20, 2007

Red River Rivalry staying put

Saw a headline saying the Red River Rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma will stay at the Cotton Bowl through 2015.

That's a good thing for fans (or haters) of both sides. There is a tradition associated with the rivalry. The State Fair. Big Tex. Half the Cotton Bowl stands awash in burnt orange; the other half covered in crimson and cream.

Yes it's true the Cotton Bowl itself isn't what it once was but moving this game would have removed some history from one of the best rivalries in the country.


Blogger Joel Anderson said...

I gotta agree with you. The Red River Shootout, or whatever it's called, needs to stay at the Cotton Bowl.

I'm all for progress, but still, there's a place for relics like the stadium in Fair Park (Dallas, not Shreveport).

And, again, there's not too many things better than strolling around the Texas State Fair during OU-UT week.

You might even call it awesome.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Jason Pugh said...

I just have one question for you, Joel. You're a Texan and you went to TCU. So who do you root for in this game?

3:20 PM  
Blogger Joel Anderson said...

Jason, I grew up loving Barry Switzer, Jamelle Holiday, Keith Jackson and the Boz. Boomer Sooner!

If you grow up in Texas and don't go to UT, then you almost can't help but to hate the Horns. I know this sounds dangerously like stereotyping but: they're arrogant, they're overrated and a little too self-absorbed.

Also, I lived in OKC for eight months and - it may sound ridiculous - but those were eight of the best months of my life. Covering the Sooners was no small part of that.

12:26 PM  

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