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Friday, April 27, 2007

Media goes overboard again

It's a sock, people.

Only on the East Coast could a sock generate the kind of media attention that Curt Schilling's "bloody" sock can.

Well, I take that back. If Nick Saban shows up at an Alabama practice with a stain on one of his socks, the state may well shut down.

Schilling unloaded on Baltimore Orioles announcer Gary Thorne, who said he heard from Red Sox catcher, and former Shreveport Captain, Doug Mirabelli that Schilling's bloody sock during the 2004 ALCS was really paint.

Thorne goes on the air and relays the story, only it's hearsay.

Schilling counters by blogging, "My only real problem is not that Gary Thorne said something stupid and ignorant, which he did, but that without a word being uttered by anyone in our clubhouse this somehow became a major news story."

It's a sock, people.

Thorne didn't say anything inflammatory about Schilling's wife. He relayed a story he heard in the clubhouse.

Schilling said it best. It was something said that was stupid and ignorant, so why this false indignation over a sock? I could understand Schilling getting upset if Thorne railed against a recent outing or said something deeply personal, but to go overboard on a sock?

And the Boston media doesn't help the situation, naturally. As beat writers try to outscoop the other, the best angle they can find is whether a sock contained Sherwin-Williams or O-negative.


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