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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Skip Bayless is an idiot

This morning on ESPN's Cold Pizza, the ever-lovable Skip Bayless stated that at LEAST 50 percent of NFL players and upwards of 80 percent of them use HGH.
This despite the fact Jay Feely, the kicker for the New York Giants was on the panel and said he would estimate maybe 5 percent.
Granted Feely is a kicker, and certainly wouldn't greatly benefit from Human Growth Hormone, but he is in the locker room and spends a majority of his time around these players.
Bayless said a kicker would never know, but Feely asked "why not, I know stuff these guys' wives wouldn't like to hear."
It's a good point. Players are players. Sure, they aren't all best friends, but Feely more than Bayless would be able to grasp the true issue.
Bayless, as a member of the media (somehow respected by many), made a ridiculous, irresponsible statement. As a journalist, I'm embarrassed.
We may never know the extent of the problem as there is currently no HGH testing. However, I'll take Feely's honest opinion over Bayless' attempt to shock and dismay.


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