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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Love that NFL Network

The rain kept coming down so it wasn't like I was going to get outside and do anything today. And besides, the NFL Network had the scouting combine on today.

I know it's sick, but there is something addictive about watching the Combine on TV. Today, for instance, I watched Arkansas offensive lineman Tony Ugoh limp off the field after an injury at the Combine.

Now you know that's not a good time to get hurt. All of those NFL decision-makers watching you go down with an injury.

And then there are the press conferences on television. Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson said he wanted to be like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss on the field but not off the field. Johnson must have realized he was throwing some NFL stars under the bus because he later came back and said what they do is "entertainment.''

On Sunday, the NFL Network's coverage will include the quarterbacks.

As a dish owner, the NFL Network is great. For the rest of the world, I can only hope the cable companies and the league come to some sort of agreement.


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