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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Under the microscope

It's that time - NFL Combine time - when football players go under the microscope.

Because the draft is such an inexact science, you're likely to hear some of the craziest things from the so-called draft "experts.''

Like today, I was driving down the street and this draft guru was trying to make the case for Brady Quinn.

Now Brady Quinn is a fine quarterback. But let's face reality here. Against every good team he played this year Brady Quinn struggled.

So Brady Quinn doesn't need to go to the Oakland Raiders or Detroit Lions. Brady Quinn needs to go to a team that isn't that far away.

But this "expert'' kept lauding Quinn and saying he had no time to throw this season. That may or may not be true.

Then he said JaMarcus Russell had "days to throw.''

That's probably news to LSU fans who watched the Auburn and Florida games.

What's the point? It's all background noise until Draft Day and then you don't know until they get on the field.


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