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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Centenary blows grand chance

How often will an opportunity come along as big as the one Centenary had on Wednesday?

The Gents had a chance to beat No. 9 Arkansas for the first time in 40 years and let it slip through their fingers (literally). They were up 8-2 after the first inning and 10-4 after the third inning and lost, 16-14.

Centenary wasted a fantastic start, thanks to its middle relievers who struggled with the Razorbacks' bats. Centennary coach Ed McCann praised his team for its fight, but deep down, this loss has got to sting knowing he had Arkansas on the ropes.

Arkansas fans may complain the umpire didn't know what a strike was, but the simple fact is the Gents were beating Arkansas soundly for most of the game.

On a side note, an Arkansas fan wanted me to write a story about a Centenary student who was heckling the Razorbacks the entire game. She couldn't believe the college was letting him standing up and say such slanderous things for the whole game.

First, what he was saying wasn't slanderous at all. It happens at every sporting event in the nation. He wasn't disputing Arkansas players' bloodlines or calling into question their mothers' morals. He was ribbing the Razorbacks with some good one-liners. He was annoying at times and nothing more.

Second, grow some thick skin for crying out loud. I don't think the Arkansas players were bothered by him. They're big boys. They play in the SEC, they can handle it.

Third, has this woman ever attended a sporting event before? I can't believe she would be so naive to think that heckling doesn't go on at baseball games. I don't think she'd be saying the same thing sitting at Reynolds Razorback Stadium if a Razorbacks fan was tormenting LSU in the fourth quarter.


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