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Sunday, February 18, 2007

NASCAR officials the biggest cheaters of them all

Ha Ha Ha. For all the cheating that has been punished severely by NASCAR over the last two weeks, no infraction was bigger than that of the sanctioning body Sunday. As the cars were coming around Turn 4 on the last lap of the Daytona 500, the most exciting finish in some years was ruined by a wreck, and a baffling decision by NASCAR.
Forget Michael Waltrip, the biggest crooks on the grounds at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday were NASCAR officials.
A few years ago, NASCAR instituted the green-white-checkered finish -- a beautiful move. It tried to ensure races would finish under the green. But if during the sport's version of "overtime" a wreck happened, the caution would come out and the leader at that instant would be declared the winner.
The caution flown several times on the final lap since overtime was introduced. Sunday, NASCAR didn't throw the caution despite more than half the field wrecking off Turn 4.
Let me say that I loved the race to the line, but it has gone against EVERYTHING NASCAR has preached for the past few years. The 9,000 sensors around the track are supposed to pick up the leader in this instance. Instead, NASCAR dropped the ball (only according to their rules) and let the cars race back to the line.
I WANT the cars to race back to the line (only at the finish of a race), but I want that to be the RULE.
If you read Sunday's Times, I picked Kevin Harvick to win. And I said during the race that if Martin won I'd puke. I just don't like him. But I'm here to tell you he got screwed.
Ironic, that in this age of NASCAR officials cracking down on cheating, they manufactured the biggest heist of them all.
Martin had this win stolen from him -- one again thanks to that shady rule book and NASCAR's ability to do what they want, when they want.

That being said. It is pretty neat to see the 29 -- formerly the No. 3 of course -- win on the anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death. Sunday marked the first time the 500 was run on Feb. 18 since Earnhardt died on this day six years ago.
Harvick was Earnhardt's replacement.


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