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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Saints could march in 2007

Not only should Saints’ fans be encouraged by the team’s 2006 progress, they should also feel pretty good about the Saints’ 2007 schedule. Only four of the Saints’ opponents next season had a winning record in 2006. Of course upsets occur and teams unexpectedly improve, but as the Saints proved last season, they can compete with the best. If the Saints get home-field advantage in the playoffs next season (and they WILL be in the playoffs next season), they’ll be in the Super Bowl. What NFC team would want to face the Saints in the Superdome with trip to the Super Bowl on the line? Take a look at next season’s schedule and each team’s 2006 record. (Dates will be determined in the spring.)

Saints 2007 Regular Season HOME Opponents

Atlanta (7-9 record)
Carolina (8-8)
Tampa Bay (4-12)
Arizona (5-11)
St. Louis (8-8)
Philadelphia (10-6)
Jacksonville (8-8)
Tennessee (8-8)

2007 Regular Season ROAD Opponents

Tampa Bay
San Francisco (7-9)
Seattle (9-7)
Chicago (13-3)
Houston (6-10)
Indianapolis (12-4)


Blogger Roy Lang III said...

Call me crazy, but this schedule looks tough to me.
Does anyone really consider Tennessee and Jacksonville mediocre despite their 8-8 records? At 7-9, San Francisco will only be better next year. Carolina will be back assuming Steve Smith is healthy.
Indy, Chicago and Seattle on the road ... looks much much tougher to me than 2006. Plus, the Saints will not sneak up on anyone next season.
If they garner a bye with that schedule and the awareness of the team, it would be even more remarkable than this season.

1:15 AM  
Blogger Larry Wade said...


I think next year's schedule probably would have been too much for the old Saints teams to handle, but I think the new Saints are going to be even better next season. Here's why:

1)They'll have one full season under Sean Payton.

2)EVERY (and I do mean EVERY)player and coach I talked to in Miami thinks Bush will have a breakout season in 2007.

3)Bears center Olin Kreutz told me the Saints defense, which will improve through free agency and the draft, was one of the best he faced last season.

4) These Saints are playoff-tested, and they're determined to get home-field advantage next season.

1:47 PM  

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