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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dooley took fun out of recruiting.

Louisiana Tech coach Derek Dooley deprived his fans of one of the pleasures of the recruiting season on Wednesday.

Citing a desire to not build up recruits before he sees how they'll adjust to the rigors of the college game, Dooley would not comment on specific players. Fans love hearing about what a big stud so and so is and about how a certain guy has the attributes that a coach is looking for. Some coaches are masters at this and the fans want to hear it.

No one will remember or hold it against a coach four years from now if that certain recruit turns out to be a bust. The kids probably like hearing what their coach has to say about them also -- even if it's just so much hype. But not hearing it takes away a lot of the fun. Hopefully, Dooley will lighten up before the next recruiting season rolls around.


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