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Thursday, February 15, 2007

As the Arkies turn

Man, Fayetteville, Ark., must have the most sports news per capita than any town in America.

You have the Arkansas basketball players suspended for missing curfew in Baton Rouge last weekend. Turns out they were hanging out with LSU's Glen "Big Baby'' Davis. (So much for not fraternizing with other teams.)

Then it comes out that a Little Rock physical therapist who helped Danny Nutt rehab from brain surgery, had sent critical e-mails to Mitch Mustain.

Oh, and now it comes out that legendary Arkansas AD Frank Broyles is going to retire on Saturday.

That's just this week.

Last week Arkansas coach Houston Nutt and Democrat-Gazette columnist Wally Hall had a spitting match over recruiting.

And, we won't even rehash Momma Mustain and the Springdale kids.

All of this from a team THAT WON THE SEC WEST last year.

Has there ever been an SEC divisional champion fan base enjoy a 10-win season less than this one? Good grief people, there are folks in Oxford, Columbia, Lexington and Nashville that would do just about anything to get in that game. There are people in Starkville who would gladly trade places to get back on top.

Yes, it's newsworthy what is going on in Arkansas. But it's also sad.


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