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Friday, January 26, 2007

Kelly Leak...Good arm, strong hitter & Oscar contender???

I'm flipping through USA Today the other day and my eye drifts to a breakdown and picks for this year's Oscar race.

One name in particular catches my eye...Jackie Earle Haley. Jackie Earle Haley? Where have I heard that name before?

The name is stuck in my head until I see other day's copy of USA Today. And there he is...Jackie Earle Haley a.k.a. Kelly Leak from "The Bad News Bears," and Moocher from "Breaking Away."

Talk about coming out from right field (though I think Leak was the star left fielder for the Bears).

The guy fell off the face of the earth and is up for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar?! He had two roles (even the more shocking to me) in 2006. He was in "All the King's Men."

Loved "The Bad News Bears," and thought the sequel where they play in the Astrodome was OK. Never saw the one where they go to Japan or "Breaking Away," for that matter.

Wonder if he's still the power hitter he was back in 1976?


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