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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thank you, ma'am

Mitch Mustain's mother has given Houston Nutt permission to run the Arkansas football program. Thanks, ma'am, now the Earth may return to its axis. You have spoken.
Don't get me wrong; every parent should have input in a child's life, but is this the best timing for a player's parent to be complaining about how the Arkansas offense is run? THE TEAM IS GOING TO A MAJOR BOWL GAME and the running back was just THE RUNNER-UP TO THE HEISMAN WINNER.
Apparently, a mother's advice is more significant. To her I say, SIT DOWN!


Blogger Jimmy Watson said...

This is Beck Campbell and I'd like for you to take your humble opinions and move to Florida. My little boy is the best quarterback in the country and you're a long way from the best writer in the country, "Winning at All Costs" aside. You were probably the guy gawking at me breast feeding Mitch the other day in the Fayetteville airport.
For your information, I am sitting down to write this -- and Houston Nutt is sitting in my lap.

9:50 PM  

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