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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A round of 18, anyone?

Congrats to the Shreveport Country Club for reaching its goal and getting their finances in order.

Club officials announced on Tuesday that they had successfully formed a limited liability company (LLC) to manage the club's lease and finances. In essence, members bought into the LLC and assumed control, leasing the club back to other members (for a nominal fee).

And, if everything works out, David Toms could be a part of the club's future. Toms has expressed interest in developing adjacent land for a junior golf academy. The board of directors for his foundation backed out from any further planning in August, at least until the club got its finances in order.

Now that they do, it will be interesting to see what happens next. If Toms does partake in the venture, you can bet it will be a fantastic facility for kids to learn the sport.

But first, the SCC has to get membership back up. They've been hovering around 400 members for some time, but a few more would definitely benefit it.

The SCC is a vibrant piece of Shreveport's history. Its ballroom and reception are still the places to have a wedding reception or debutante ball. It would have been a shame if it dissolve before its centennial in 2009.


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