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Monday, December 11, 2006

Bob McNair is having a bad day

Is it possible that the Houston Texans could have had a worse day than the one they had Sunday?

It's bad enough to lose in the NFL on Sunday. But the Texans lost to the Tennessee Titans, the team that used to call Houston home and ripped the hearts out of Oilers fans when they moved.

So that's twice as bad.

But there's more. Not only did the Texans lose to the Titans, they lost in overtime on a 39-yard touchdown run by Vince Young. That would be the same Vince Young from Houston and the University of Texans that the Texans passed on in the draft.

The Texans are committed to David Carr at quarterback. Apparently, they are committed to being mediocre as well.

But that's not all.

Later in the same day, Reggie Bush - another player the Texans passed on in the draft - caught a short pass and turned it into a 61-yard touchdown. It was the kind of dazzling play that keeps those No. 25 jerseys selling.

Can it get any worse for owner Bob McNair and the Texans?

They are becoming what the New Orleans Saints used to be - a franchise seemingly cursed with every move.


Blogger Joel Anderson said...

Aw, Scott, you beat me to the punch. Great post.

As a childhood fan of the Houston Oilers, Sunday was typical of what most pro football followers there can expect so long as they care about the hometown team.

Is it still possible to Luv Ya Blue, even if the Oilers no longer exist and the franchise makes its home in Nashville?

The Texans initially rationalized their decision to take Mario Williams by saying they needed someone to bring the heat to Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

Well, now they have to spend another decade or so trying to figure out a way to slow down Vince Young & The Miracles. Twice a year.

Good luck with all that. These are the sort of decisions that have me wondering - gasp - if the Texans will be able to continue to suck in enough fans to keep Houston a viable NFL town in the future.

Remember, LA still looms large.

6:41 PM  

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