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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Saints talk

If you're a New Orleans Saints fan, then you'll be loving some love from the national media.

This week's Sporting News has a column from Dan Pompei devoted to the Saints' Pony formation - when Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister are in the backfield at the same time. It makes some interesting observations that should give some insight to Saints fans.

One example: The Saints have used McAllister and Bush in the backfield together for 124 plays or 14 percent of the team's offensive plays.

The same magazine also looks at Drew Brees' chances of winning the NFL MVP.

And then Sports Illustrated has a little nugget for Saints fans tucked away in a Tikki Barber story. Barber basically says he career was going nowhere with the Giants until assistant coach Sean Payton figured out a way to use him.

That's the same Payton that has drawn up plays out of the Pony formation for the Saints.

A year ago, the only attention in the national media was about how soon the Saints would pack up and leave New Orleans and Louisiana. Now, the attention is significantly better for all the right reasons.


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