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Saturday, December 23, 2006

L.A. Saints?

Leave it to Sports Illustrated to rain on the Saints' parade.

The magazine's look ahead to 2007 has good news and bad news for Saints fans. Good news in that SI expects the Saints' resurgence to continue. Bad news in that it expects the franchise to be the leading contender to move to L.A.

Never mind that waiting list to get Saints season tickets in New Orleans for 2007. Never mind that Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, isn't all that excited about the L.A. market.

Just recently Goodell told the AP, "I think there's been a misunderstanding in the past that we have to be in Los Angeles. I think we've proven that we don't have to be in Los Angeles."

SI is pushing the Saints out of the door.

Look, New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf South region may be too small and too poor for today's NFL. But so far the city, state and region are bucking the odds.

And until the waiting list shrinks and people stop coming, I'm betting on the Saints being in La. and not L.A.


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