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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Michigan-Ohio State animosity building

Auburn-Alabama, Oklahoma-Texas, USC-UCLA, Army-Navy. All are great rivalries, but have they produced as much animosity as Michigan-Ohio State? Don't believe me? Consider this:

Michigan administrators are asking U-M fans that if they attend the game they might want to drive cars without Michigan license plates. Police in Columbus aren't allowing parking on streets adjacent to Ohio State's stadium because they don't want fans igniting cars like after the Buckeyes' win two years ago.

These two states almost took it to the battlefield in 1835. The Toledo War was a border dispute between the states over a strip of land stretching from Lake Erie to the Indiana border. Ohio got the "Toledo strip," and Michigan got the Upper Peninsula.

But the rivalry has gone up another notch with the formation of two punk rock bands. In Columbus, the Dead Schembechlers will lead a Hate Michigan rally on Friday. In response, the Dropkick Woodys were formed in Ann Arbor.

The Dead Schembechlers have been around for awhile and have the song list to prove. Most are laced with four-letter words to make Jim Tressel blush, but some of the printable ones are: "Ann Arbor Chainsaw Massacre Christmas Song," "Buckeye Bop," "I Don't Wanna Go Up To Ann Arbor," "I Hate Michigan," and "Schembechler Kicked My Crippled Dog." But only one has a video (link).

Even their namesake, U-M head coach Bo Schembechler, has heard of them. Still a young band, the Dropkick Woodys have two songs, one of which is printable: "I Spit on Woody's Grave."

You can find both bands if you do a internet search. Keep in mind there are a lot of four-letter words on both sites. It is punk music after all.

The Schembechlers site is actually pretty funny, and I'm a Michigan grad.


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