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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday musings

Thoughts from the day in college football

-- Welcome back, Georgia.

-- Let's officially put Auburn in the overrated department.

-- While we're at it, bye, bye Baylor. It was nice to consider you for the I-Bowl. Next time give up fewer points than the basketball team.

-- I-Bowl officials have to salivate over the thought of Oklahoma State coming to the I-Bowl. This is a team that brought a load of fans for the Louisiana Tech game back in 2002.

-- How bad has the ACC gotten? Georgia Tech takes a divisional title by rolling North Carolina, 7-0.

-- How bad has Florida State gotten? A 30-0 loss at home to Wake Forest? Please.

-- By the way, are there two programs with less heart right now than FSU and Miami? Both roll are rolling over at the first sign of adversity. Although you can cut Miami some slack this week.

-- Will Texas A&M ever win a big game again?

-- How do you score 42 points and lose Mack Brown?

-- How do you lose to Arizona, Jeff Tedford?


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