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Saturday, October 21, 2006

College football thoughts

If you're a Nebraska player, coach or fan, aren't you kicking yourself for missing your chance to knock off Texas?

Because Texas is in a transitional year this year with Colt McCoy taking over at quarterback. And the game was at Nebraska.

You've got to figure Texas isn't going to get worse anytime soon and will only get better.

I know he probably didn't mean any harm, but could there have been more pressure on McCoy than coming off the field and seeing Vince Young on the sidelines? It is hard enough to follow the guy as it is without having to see him face to face.

If it happened against anybody other than Northwestern, Michigan State's 41-38 victory would have been one for the ages.

As it is, it is just a freak show victory with the Spartans coming back from 38-3 down in the second half to win and keep John L. Smith employed.

Ole Miss quarterback Brent Schaeffer may be the most hyped for least production quarterback in the history of the SEC. Of course, I've said that before.

Georgia has real troubles when it's slopping around with Mississippi State.

The U almost became the L against Duke.

Larry Coker probably needs to be brushing up the resume about now.

Back for more later.


Blogger Jason Pugh said...

Yes Brent Schaeffer is bad, but at least he's mentioned in a song.

Yoyoyoyoyoyo ... Brent Schaeffer. Long live Coach O!

4:12 PM  

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