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Friday, October 20, 2006

Captain, my captain

The San Francisco Giants appear to be dead set on screwing up their franchise.

That's right, they appear to be skipping over Ron Wotus as their next manager, looking for a bigger name. The biggest name getting a lot of run in the Bay Area media is Bud Black. Yes, he's the former major league pitcher and pitching coach who has never managed a day in his life.

Why should you, Shreveporter, care?

Because Ron Wotus is arguably the best manager in Shreveport Captains' history. He took teams to the playoffs for three consecutive years. His 1995 team won the most games in all of professional baseball.

He worked his way up from Shreveport to Triple-A Phoenix and finally to San Francisco where he was a third-base coach and bench coach for the Giants.

Anyone that knows Wotus knows he could do the job at the big league level.

If the Giants are indeed serious about getting younger, he knows how to handle younger players. If Barry Bonds stays with the Giants, he's known Bonds for 20 years going back to their minor league days.

Wotus is the perfect fit for the Giants.

But apparently Giants owner Peter Magowan is more interested in sizzle than substance. And that's no way to run a franchise.


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