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Monday, September 18, 2006

Random NFL thoughts

OK after covering the Cowboys-Redskins on Sunday night here are some NFL thoughts:

1) Nobody is paying to watch the officials. So somebody in the league office might want to remind the refs of this little tidibt . A combined 20 penalties in the Cowboys-Skins game makes it hard to watch.

2) Guess all of the Tony Romo fans can pipe down now?

3) The Washington Redskins look like a truly bad football team. Of course, that may have as much to do with the play of Mark Brunell at quarterback as anything else. But three points from your offense in the NFL isn't going to cut it.

4) While we're at it, props to Sean Payton and the Saints. Two games. Two road wins.
Now don't go thinking the Saints are going to the Super Bowl, however, they are ahead of schedule.

5) Are the Houston Texans the New Orleans Saints of this century?

6) Nick Saban is 9-9 since leaving LSU for the Miami Dolphins. In case anyone cares.


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