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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bradshaw was worth the drive

Terry Bradshaw was better than expected at Louisiana Tech on Tuesday. You grow up admiring a guy from afar, then wonder if he'll be a jerk when you finally meet him. But the NFL Hall of Famer was nicer than I've heard he can be at times.

I saw Bradshaw play at Tech, then went with my father to the preseason game at Independence Stadium during his rookie season. I became an avid Steelers fan, which I quickly got over after Bubby Brister joined the team. I've bought his books, seen him in movies and watched his antics countless times on the Tonight Show.

After the TV boys wasted their direct tube time with Bradshaw by asking him about his donation (he'd just spent 15 minutes downstairs discussing it), I asked him about his rapport with Jay Leno. The TV boys dropped their cameras and disappeared, missing the opportunity to see Bradshaw more in his element. I believe that he would have kept on answering questions from the 2-3 writers there, had not Tech Media Relations personnel cut him off.

He was mauled downstairs when he walked in to meet with Tech fans. His face lit up when he saw A.L. Williams and Mickey Slaughter, whom he said had the most influence on his life.


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