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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Parcells looks good in pink

I'm wondering if Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has gone to Penney's yet and picked out his pink skirt.

His handling of Terrell Owens sure makes it appear that he needs one. Parcells has long been known as a don't-give-me-any-crap coach, who makes overpaid NFL players bend to his will. If any player didn't do things his way, they were shown the door.

So why is Parcells ruining his reputation by allowing an egotist like Owens to dictate what he will and will not do with no repercussions? If you didn't see this coming months ago, when Owens left Philly, your blinders must have been on.

Parcells is on his way to losing control of his team. How can you respect a man who lets a jerk get away with his own agenda. Even with Owen reporting to practice on Wednesday, all should not be forgiven. Sitting him on the bench for a couple of regular season games without pay, might do Owens, and Parcells' reputation, a world of good.


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