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Friday, August 18, 2006

Look up the word retirement

Apparently, no one in the sports world knows the meaning of the word retirement.

The latest case is Junior Seau. On Monday, the former All-Pro linebacker told the world he was done with football. Four days later, Seau, a San Diego-area native, decides to go back and play for the New England Patriots.

I guess all Seau needs to finish his career is a Super Bowl ring and he figured going all the way across the country where it will snow and rain most of the winter is worth giving up a year of relaxing on the beach and surfing in the Pacific.

Look it's time for athletes to understand that retirement is retirement and that means go away. If you're ready to give it up, give it up. Don't go dragging your very good career through the mud just for a season or two more of play that is far below the standards you have set for yourself.


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