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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Waiting for an apology

If you listened to at least one local sports broadcaster shortly after the Tech Summer Social in Shreveport, you'd have thought that the Louisiana Tech versus Fresno State football game was definitely going to be played in Shreveport's Independence Stadium. The sportscaster, quoting an unnamed source, said the game would be played here.

However, Tech Athletic Director Jim Oakes said at the time, and maintained up until this week, that negotiations to move the game from Ruston to Shreveport were ongoing. Tech officially announced today that the game will be played in Joe Aillet Stadium due to new lights being installed before the game.

If you can't get someone to put their name behind an announcement, you're doing little more than spreading gossip and you're putting your own neck on the line. Here's betting that there's no public apology forthcoming from the sportscaster for announcing erroneous information.


Blogger Roy Lang III said...

Well. I definitely don't think an apology is in order. We've all been wrong at some point. Inadvertently or not.
But I have always wondered about the fact area broadcasters use "my source."
If the source is that solid, name him. It's obviously more credible -- and an injustice to viewers, readers or listeners if it's not true.
Only in extreme cases are reporters here allowed to use anonymous sources at the paper -- and that's after countless meetings with the higher ups. They then know the source and it's not-so anonymous.
The advantage the TVs have over us is once it's out over the television, it's gone. Not many probably even remember the Tech game was said to be in Shreveport. And they certainly don't have a tape on hand.
I'm not sure which outlet reported it, but I heard that another "source" recently said the I-Bowl was going to be sponsored by GM. That was laughable.
To solve this all, would be to get better sources, or name them.

12:06 PM  

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