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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Never go against the family

If the Corleone family is need of a new godfather, they can turn to NFL commish Paul Tagliabue.

The NFL is prepared to launch a $100 million ad blitz to force cable TV operators to carry the league's own NFL Network. The network will begin carrying regular-season games this season, but it's not available on some cable providers like Time Warner Cable.

The goal is the NFL will plant the bug into cable customers who'll either switch to satellite TV or pressure Time Warner Cable.

The NFL Network is carried on satellite operators like DirecTV and Dish Network and at least 75 cable operators like Comcast. The league is hoping the ad campaign can push its way into Time Warner homes.

Sheesh. Why doesn't Tagliabue send Luca Brasi over to Time Warner? I haven't seen this kind of muscle since Joe Pesci put that guy's head in a vice in "Casino."


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