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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Best play-by-play voices

So I'm listening to XM radio's "Home Plate'' this morning and they play the home run call from Tuesday's game on the Yankees' radio network. It's John Sterling, so you know it has to be bad. To make matters worse, Melky Cabrera has hit the home run, so now you've got Sterling with, "The Melk Man delivers.''


Now Mark Patrick, who has no dog in the hunt as we like to say down South, is on "MLB This Morning'' and, quite accurately, calls it the most contrivered walk-off home run call he's ever heard.

Which got me to thinking, who are the best -- and the worst -- of the play-by-play voices.

In MLB, you've got to go with Vin Scully of the Dodgers at No. 1. There' s no one even close on the good side. Jon Miller of the Giants is enjoyable to listen to and the Phillies' Harry Kalas certainly has a distinctive voice.

On the bad side, Sterling is about as bad as it gets. Milo Hamilton has seen better days with the Astros. Ron Santo, has his moments, but he's no Harry Caray.

In the college game, there are some distinctive voices around the South - Georgia's Larry Munson and Mississippi State's Jack Cristil are as distinctive as they come. He doesn't have the largest audience but Louisiana Tech's Dave Nitz is as solid as you'll see.


Blogger Jason Pugh said...

No doubt Scully and Miller are probably 1-2 across baseball. I was out at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park last summer walking on the arcade in right field and they had Miller's play-by-play calls going. Talk about perfect, well outside of the 55 degree "summer" temperature.

Milo on the other hand has seen better days. But he remains entertaining -- at least when it comes to things other than baseball. His conversation with Tennessee Titans QB and Houston native Vince Young during an early season game was priceless.

10:48 PM  

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