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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Now it's Hicks' turn

OK, Tom Hicks, you're on the hot seat now.

Your fellow Texas baseball owner, Houston's Drayton McLane, made a bit of a splash in the trade market, picking up Aubrey Huff, who delivered what amounted to a game-winning three-run home run in his Astros debut. Yes, it's a long way until October but Huff made quite a first impression Thursday night.

Now it's time for Hicks to put up a show of faith for his fans -- you know the ones who think there are other things than the Cowboys to watch in the Metroplex.

His team could use another credible starting pitcher and if it means moving fan favorite and occasional slugger Kevin Mench then do it. Heck, McLane just demoted the starting right fielder from a World Series team to TRIPLE-A. THE MINORS.

So Tom Hicks it's up to you. Make a move and try to earn a playoff berth for the first time since 1999 or continue to watch your team's status in the Metroplex drift somewhere down below the proverbial Mendoza line.


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