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Monday, June 19, 2006

Officially, NBA stinks

First, let me preface this rant by saying I've spent more time around Shaquille O'Neal (beat writer at LSU) than Mark Cuban (once in Bossier City). Yet when it comes to the NBA, Cuban may have a point about the league's officials.

I'm not saying Dallas lost Game 5 of the NBA Finals because of the officals -- make your free throws and it doesn't matter.

But what kind of sport has an official take the outcome of the game into his own hands by whistling a phanton-at-best foul call with 1.9 seconds remaining? What ever happened to letting the players decide the outcome?

If I wanted to watch Joe DeRosa and his counterparts, I'd wait for them outside of the Circle K.

I knowDwyane Wade is good and all, but at least Michael Jordan waited a few years before he got the star treatment and every call in sight.

Again, I'm not a huge NBA fan. And watching this series certainly isn't changing that.


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