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Monday, June 19, 2006


Let me preface this by the fact that no one was rooting harder for Phil Mickelson to choke Sunday than myself. I'm not a big Phil fan and I wanted Colin Montgomerie to end his mindnumbing drought in America.

So there it was the Mickelson Meltdown, and of course, the onslaught of criticizm. Everyone and their mother bashed Phil for these supposed poor decisions in the final round of the U.S. Open. From Johnny Miller on NBC to The Golf Channel to Joe Smith, Phil reverted to some despondant crackpot gambling another major championship away.

These were the same people who believed Phil has walked on water for the past two years. The guy used the same golf game to win three majors as he did Sunday. The only difference was the fact his execution went south. He had a bad day and couldn't hit anything near the fairway.

It doesn't matter what he would have hit on the 18th tee, it wasn't going to hit the fairway. His swing was off. And his second shot on 18 was terrible too. If he chips out sideways, there is no way in heck he's going to make par and bogey would have been tough. His attempt to curl one out of the trees was what he thought he should do.

He himself said he was an idiot. Not for his decisions, but his horrific swings.
By the time Sunday was over I even felt bad for Mickelson.

In an earlier post Messerly made one vaild point (which is good for him on Monday), Montgomerie's approach was infinitely worse than Mickelson's attempts after his drive on 18. That shot setup perfectly for Colin.


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