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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Campbell's Chunky Soup curse strikes again!

Forget the Sports Illustrated "curse." It looks as if the Campbell's Chunky Soup curse is turning into the most powerful force in the NFL.

The commercials which have featured a variety of NFL players for years has an insidious way of afflicting its stars. Starting with former Green Bay Packer defensive Reggie White, the television ads have sidelined players or wrecked their teams' seasons.

It turns out the curse is even more powerful than imagined. It was reported that Ben Roethlisberger was scheduled to begin filming his Chunky Soup ad this week, that is until his motorcycle accident gave him a broken jaw (at least he'll still be able to eat his Chunky Soup through a straw). So now you don't have to appear in the ads, just be linked to the project for it to wreck your season and possibly career.

Just look at the list of "cursed" NFLers:
1) Reggie White - after making his ad, he went from "Minister of Defense" with Green Bay to a Carolina Panther and the end of his career.

2) Terrell Davis - the most infamous case. The guy helps Denver to two Super Bowls, says he loves Chunky Soup and is never heard from again.

3) Kurt Warner - Warner led the Rams to a Super Bowl after rising from the Arena Bowl ranks. Smiles with a bowl of Chunky Soup in front of him and now he couldn't hit a teammate with a pass if he used Federal Express to ship the ball to him.

4) Donovan McNabb - the most recent curse victim.

The only one who appears to have broken the curse is Jerome Bettis. Bettis was riddled with injuries after doing his ad, but the Steelers won the Super Bowl last season.


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