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Friday, June 23, 2006

La. Tech schedule card

I hold in my hand the Louisiana Tech football schedule card. Let's examine it, shall we?

Side One: A black-and-white mug shot of Joe Aillet, certainly a giant in the history of Tech football. But an advertisement to sell tickets and fill seats? That would be no. Aillet, as is noted on the front, hasn't coached at the school in 40 years. Recognize him some other way, not in a spot where young eyes (recruits, future fans) will be looking. And if you have to recognize him...a mug shot? On a glossy schedule card?

Side Two: How many decades in Division I-A will it take to learn how to schedule? Jack Bicknell III is lucky he got an extension on his contract. Facing Texas A&M and Clemson back-to-back and then playing a third game on the road will be like going to a slaughterhouse. After two games at home, there is another three-week road trip, ending with a road game at Hawaii.
If the conference is throwing in the second string, at least avoid complicating the matter with your own non-conference troubles.


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