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Monday, May 01, 2006

Show the Sports some love this year

If there was ever a local franchise that needed a good showing of support from fans this year - it's the Sports.

They have a new General Manager in Terri Sipes, who's been in professional baseball for years now, going back to the Captains' days. She's a local person who knows what it takes to get people to the ballpark. She's not going to put a hot tub in the beer garden to attract fans and she won't isolate them either by not mingling with them at games and thanking them for their support.

It really isn't bad baseball out at Fair Grounds Field either. Sure, people will scoff at the notion of independent minor league baseball, but it's not that horrible. The Sports' new league, the American Association, has the top franchises from the Central League and the Northern League, including the St. Paul Saints considered to be the pinnacle of indy ball. Any team that has Bill Murray as a co-owner has got to be decent, right?

If the Shreveport Shock-hers, the local women's pro football team, can get 1,000 people at Independence Stadium for their opening game, the Sports can draw that on a semi-nightly basis.

The Sports open their season on May 11 at Fort Worth and start their home schedule on May16.


Blogger Lee Hiller said...

Sorry Brian, but I won't go to the Fair Grounds to see that after many years of watching the Captains. If I go it will be to see Terri and Dave Nitz and to get out, not to watch the game. There isn't a professional team around here anymore that can put the kind of quality talent on a field that the Captains did. Just look at all the former players still playing in the major leagues now.

11:14 AM  

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